Questions provided

Write an essay of no more than three double spaced pages in response to the prompt below. Your essay should reflect your developing knowledge of and interest in the counseling profession and your potential place within it.  Address each of the areas identified below:
What draws you to counseling and the particular concentration you have chosen within that profession;
Discuss any personal and professional experiences that have helped prepare you to begin graduate studies in the counseling profession;
Share your perspective regarding the role of multiculturalism and social justice in counseling. In the beginning paragraph can you discuss the importance of counseling and the benefit it serves to schools and students alike.
Can you please include that I want to be a counselor because as a student with a learning disability my transition into high school was not an easy one until I met my school counselor and also include that  when I was a substitute teacher children found comfort in talking to me about their personal issues and how I made it easy for them to confide in and this has contribute to my desire in becoming a school counselor. Also include please that I worked in urban school districts  and children of color especially need someone outside of their family to talk to and I want to be that for them.

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