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From the paragraph below provide an example (i.e. create a “story” that applies the concept). For example, if a student discussed the rules of searching a vehicle trunk, you are to provide an example (i.e. a little story) of a police officer conducting either an illegal or a legal search of a vehicle trunk. This learning process is called “application” and will enhance your critical thinking skills.

The word is derived from the Greek term ethos, meaning custom, usage, or character (Flight & Pardew, 2018). Health Care Ethics is a set of formal principles, belief, and values that guide people in making choices related with the medical care. The core of health care ethics is the right or wrong of our beliefs. When the elements of law do not bring justice, ethical dilemmas are brought to give the best solution to the issue. The privacy and the right of an individual to make decisions is an important aspect in the health care environment in the Unites States; because of this, physicians codes of ethics are restrain and the patient needs to give the permission to be touch and treated, also a consent form needs to be filled out for the patient to give the authorization to the treating medical staff. If any of the ethical codes are violated, penalties enforced by the law are made.
Flight, M. R., & Pardew, W. M. (2018). Law, Liability, and Ethics for Medical Office Professionals. Cengage Learning

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