QI/PI Situational Analysis

Identify a performance or system-related problem you might encounter in a hypothetical or real organization.  The problem can be addressed through improving staff performance and/or redesigning processes or systems. 

Address all of the below:

Focus on one specific problem
Develop one simple consistent problem statement
Describe the problem (This is the narrative background for how and why you chose the quality/performance improvement issue.  What is the current situation?)
Describe the (hypothetical or real) organization
Location (rural, urban, etc.)
Number of staff
Other pertinent information about the organization or environment
Specific division, department, or program description
Problem Statement
What is the performance problem the organization or department wants to improve?
Reasons Selected e.g.,
Not serving client or population needs?
Not meeting standards required?
Not meeting internal goals?
High risk?
High volume?
How is the problem being addressed currently (in general terms)?
How do you know the performance should or can be improved?
As you know, in almost every case, it is necessary to form a team to address such a problem.  How would you go about forming such a team?  What talents or skills would you look to recruit? How would you prevent some person or group from dominating?  How would you ensure a balance of conformance and opposition?

Be sure to utilize the following links as a guide and reference;





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