Purpose State

Purpose State

Add a paragraph to the attached Purpose statement on the studies “contribution to social change”.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the current study is to identify the relationship between transformational leaders’ character traits, behavior, motivations, influence, inspiration, and the performance of the organization and retention of employees. The study will adopt a quantitative correlational methodology. The target population for the study is leaders and employees of different companies throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado. The independent variables of the study include; (a) character traits, (b) behavior, (c) motivations, (d) influence, and (e) inspiration of transformational leaders. The dependent variables, on the other hand, are (a) the actual output of the organization in terms of revenues and profits, and (b) the willingness of the employees to stay in the organizations longer. The reduction of employee turnover boosts the image of a Company while attracting more qualified personnel. In transactional leadership, there exists a gap between leaders and employees since opinions of the employees are not accommodated.


(How does this study contribute to Social change?)

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