Pschology Paper


In a minimum 5-page essay, you will use Gees idea of discourse communities to look at a career of interest to you. You will use Gees concept of discourse communities to:

Explain the most important values, actions, language, and belief systems of your career

o You must also explain WHY these things are valued and how they align or conflict with your own values 

Discuss other discourse communities that it is connected to and how it is connected

o For example, a police officer is connected to several different discoursescriminals, victims, emergency services (and many more)

Explore a controversial issue in your career and how the controversy is connected to different (but related) discourses or sub discourses in the same field

Explain which parts of the discourse you see as needing to be acquired and which parts you see as needing to be learned and why

Finally, end by discussing your own membership in this discourse

o Where do you see yourself in terms of having a full identity kit in this discourse?

You should consider and analyze all of the aspects of an identity kit

o What do you still need to learn and how do you plan to learn it?

o What do you still need to acquire and how do you plan to acquire it?

o What parts of the discourse conflicts with other discourses you belong to?

o What else has stood out to you in learning about this discourse?

Special notes:

INTRODUCTION: In addition to introducing the career, a successful paper will introduce Gees idea of discourse communities and connect it to the career in the first paragraph (or two) of your paper. 

GEE AS A FRAMEWORK: Your paper should extensively use Gees ideas as a way to analyze your career as a discourse. You are expected to quote/paraphrase from Gee often. 

: In order to do this project successfully, you will need to do research about your discourse community. You will need to use at least four outside sources, not including Gee. 


Four outside sources in addition to Gee

Minimum 5 pages

Either APA or MLA format and citation

See syllabus for due dates

use accounting major

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