PSA Assignment

PSA Assignment

Marketing Campaign/ PSA assignment Instruction:

There are two main assignments below:

1. Create a PSA video.

2. Write a formal memo write up of this PSA and the decisions behind why you selected the images, language, music, etc.



1.PSA Video Requirements

1) When creating the PSA, be sure to discuss the Target Market and the narrower Target Audience.

2) You can create something work related like a PSA on coworker dress code or on improving employee health; you can do something school related like entreating the president to decrease tuition or something global-related like clean water for all children or an international light initiative. You can also do something funny, etc… (PSA Topic: No nudity or lewd PSAs; No animal cruelty; No abortion.)

3) The PSA video should not exceed 2 minutes.

4) The PSA can be serious, heartwarming, sad, funny or anything in between.

5) Please do not expect commercial quality recording






2.Formal Memo Requirements

1) The memorandum is used to explain and justify the decisions for the PSA.

2) Please consider the following when writing the memo:

· Who is your receiver/audience and why did you target them?

· Why did you select the images, audio, background, graphics, music, etc? What purpose do they serve to you/your receiver? (Be very specific and detailed in your analysis of these decisions.)

· In terms of language in your PSA, what do your words evoke? If audio, why? If in literal writing, why? If you felt silence was a better strategy, why?

· If there was something more you could have added, what would that have been? Why?

· Ultimately, do you believe your PSA was successful and would hit your intended target–why/not?

3) The memo should not exceed 2 pages in length with single spaced, 1” margin for each, 12 fonts and Times New Roman. (Please consider the language and descriptions carefully)




Another two attachments are the examples(Video and a document) about this assignment. DO NOT use language from or duplicate the style of this student’s memo analysis!!!

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