Precarious employment and WLB (Work life balance)

States, Markets and Work-Life Balance: Canadian Employment and Labour Policies
AP/SOSC 3982 (3.0)
WLB Annotated Bibliography Assignment Due February 6, 2020

Your work-life balance annotated bibliography and analysis should be a critical and
analytical review of 10 sources, building on the literature, lectures and the key concepts
of the course. Sources can include: books; journal articles; government reports or
industry studies and should be from the years 2010-2020. Ideally, this annotated
bibliography will help you build towards our next assignment: the time-use analysis
due March 12.
You should include the following sections: introduction; theoretical framework;
method; results (this is where you would describe your 10 sources); analysis;
conclusion; references. Your annotated bibliography should be approximately 15 pages
double spaced.
Your annotated bibliography can be an evaluation of one of the 5 following topics (these
are broad topics and are intended to guide you can choose another topic if you like):
Innovative managerial approaches to WLB
Labour movement strategies to bargain for WLB
Precarious employment and WLB
Social reproduction and WLB
Gender and WLB
You express unique insights and use your own words to explain concepts. ( / 5)
You integrate course concepts, materials, and readings. ( / 5)
Your paper has minimal grammatical and spelling errors. ( / 5)
You do not rely on unnecessary long quotes and/or vague statements. ( / 5)
You provide a critical review and analysis of the sources you have selected. ( /5)
Your annotated bibliography is formatted in either APA or MLA and can include:
books; journal articles; government reports; industry studies; website materials.
( /5)
GRADE: / 30

This is not a traditional Annotated bib. This needs to have an intro, conclusion and thesis statement. as well as:

2 paragraphs on each source used (traditional annotated style)

Analysis – 1 page

3 main findings in literature review that surfaces the main themes and points of your thesis.

3-5 paragraph

Conclusion – 1 paragraph

MY TOPIC: Precarious retail work – work life balance theme –

Themes I want to use: Alienation – Marxist

The readings on job strain-
Employment strain model
And: new analysis of strain of employment relationship.

Marx- alienation and exploitation – Communist manifesto or Das Kapital can also be referenced.

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