PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation: The length of the PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 10 slides (does not include cover or Reference page) with relevant speaker’s notes and include a minimum of three audio-visual components (e.g., images, figures, tables, audio and/or video links, etc.). Follow these guidelines to create your PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Include a cover slide with the course number, course title, title of the PowerPoint presentation, your full name, and date.
    • Title of Presentation: Course Project: PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Insert headers or titles or subtitles on each slide.
  3. Insert page and slide number.
  4. Keep it simple but engaging. Use appropriate images and graphics to illustrate and complement your presentation.
  5. Number of slides: 10slides
  6. Complete a minimum of three of the 10 PowerPoint slides with an audio or visual component to present, explain, and bring to life your presentation.
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