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Discussion Prompt 1

Infant Intelligence

Developmental researchers have taken an  interest in measuring infant intelligence and exploring whether it is an  effective predictor of academic intelligence later in life. What is  your position on the matter?  Do you believe that one’s intelligence as a baby will yield the same  level of intelligence later in life? Use your knowledge about the  factors that can influence infant brain development and your understanding  of nature and nurture influences to support your answer. Support your  reasoning with information from the text, other course materials, and  these supplemental articles:

Discussion Prompt 2

Infant Emotional Stress

There is some debate regarding how often and how a parent should  respond and soothe an infant who is emotionally distressed. Some claim  that soothing an infant every time it cries may lead to developmental  issues where others claim that it does not. Based on your own opinion  and the research of developmental theorists, do you feel that repeatedly  soothing an infant is beneficial or detrimental to development? Why or  why not? What issues do developmental theorists claim may arise on  either side of the debate? How might attachment theory fit into this  debate? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other  course materials.

each prompt should be more than 150 words

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