Political Essay

Essay Question 

You watch a presidential debate, and the moderator  of the debate asks a candidate the following:  People criticize U.S. politics when it comes to  elections and voting, campaign money, information,  rights and liberties. What are your thoughts? The candidate answers as follows:  Americas democracy is perfect! Ill give you five  fabulous reasons why. Firstly, the presidential  election is so clear and simple. Its not like you  need to write out a math formula to find out who  won! Thats why voter turnout in the U.S. is the  highest in the world. Secondly, campaign money is  always limited by the FEC, and theres no getting  around this. Thirdly, the American news media  does a fine job giving us important information to  keep us highly informed. Fourthly, our Bill of  Rights perfectly protects our civil liberties without  any exception or loophole. Fifthly, there has never  been a case where SCOTUS has weakened the civil  rights protections of people of color.  Is this candidate right? Or are things much more  complicated? Using your superior knowledge of  political science, write an essay in which you debate  against ALL FIVE of the candidates claims. The  most important thing is to really, really explain  your thinking. The more evidence from class (like  specific class concepts, SCOTUS cases, examples,  discussions, videos, etc.) and more explanations that you can include to support your arguments, the  better you will do on the essay

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