Police Brutality – Policy

Why do you think this policy is significant?
What is the title of the policy you have chosen to focus on?
What level is the policy (local, state, or national)? Is this level appropriate for a policy addressing this problem?
When was the policy enacted & who were the proponents and opponents?
What is the current status of the policy?
What are the stated goals and objectives of the policy?

Professor’s comment in regards to policy brutality 1 document:
Good start to this paper. I think you need to expand a bit more on the data that provides evidence of the problem. You did a better job explaining some of the policy solutions used over time than you did establish the problem. Establishing the problem is the initial way to get buy-in from your audience that this issue is significant and something that they should care about; however, you should stick to the facts in a paper like this as you have been, rather than appealing to morals or values – so good job with that.

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