please respond to both of the following questions.

 please respond to both of the following questions.

1) Did the texts by Powers and Farish Noor in Week 1 challenge any ideas that you had about world history? Please name specific points from each text. They may relate to anything, such as colonialism, non-European cultures, gender, family, science, etc.

2) In Farish Noor’s TedTalk “The viewpoint that won’t go away” from Week 2, what does he mean when he says that, “We need to think out of the box and we can’t fall back” (10:15)? How does he suggest that historians and people interested in history achieve this? (Please use YouTube’s transcript if you prefer reading.

In an additional 250 words, please respond to the following.

3) Provide a critical assessment of how Robbins’ text addressed the impact of capitalist expansion on people and ecologies around the world. What difficult matters did he address head on, and what does he leave out? Provide examples.

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