Paper about sharing Co-op Experience at a X medical device industry

So I am a junior Biomedical engineering student, currently doing Co-Op as a quality engineer at a X medical device industry. I am supposed to share my experience regarding my Co-op Opportunities. Specifically, I have to answer the question ” What do you find interesting about the work and the company?”  As part of my duty, I assist in investigating non -conformance and assist in corrective and preventative(CAPA) plans. plus also assisted in formulating procedures, specifications, and standards for X company products and processes. Collected and analyzed data for product evaluation. I majorly Use software called IQS, which includes nonconformance, corrective actions, document control which is used to provide insight on process monitoring. Specifically, inside IQS I calculate control limit and VAL to make sure nothing is out of specification.The company where i am doing Co-op is big, lots of people from lots of different background. Good team, good management. so i am looking just the answer for  ” What do you find interesting about the work and the company?” Focus more on about the company ad the work in general . Just general statements.

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