P2 – Improving a model from last assignment

It is a junior level Java course for Software/Electrical Engineering. (It is a first-time course for Java in engineering at my university so I would say it’s a beginner course). Comments explaining the code are appreciated. The package needs to be: (package edu.uab.maxwellh.p1;). A code from the last assignment will be provided to build off of to complete the required task for this assignment. p2.pdf says what needs to be done. The p2-furnished zip file includes a test file, so once the code is done that file can be run to test it. The capture shows what the layout should look like, just a reference. The correct_p1 zip has the files needed. There are 4 files in the zip and those are the ones that need to be worked off of. I can do the UML portion of this assignment, it is just the code that needs the work done.

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