Organizations and Organizational Culture

Write no more than 7 pages (not including the reference or title page), double-spaced, 12-point font
Create a title page with APA header
Use the headings to guide the reader and focus your writing
Introduction with a clear thesis statement presented by the end
Clear conclusion
Use APA citations and a reference page
Use appendices for any additional charts or visuals that would be helpful to communicate your ideas or strategy to support the organization’s goals
This course has discussed motivational theories, rewards, organizational climate and culture, engagement, ethics, dark behaviors, diversity, communication, individuals, groups, and organization levels of analysis. Keep them in mind as you read the case below:

A large healthcare system comprised of a network of health centers located in the metropolitan community, a chain of hospitals interspersed around the metropolitan area, and business units for support also located around the metropolitan area scored quite low on its yearly employee engagement survey. The workforce of the entire healthcare system is approximately 40,000. Some employees are very satisfied with their positions yet others are extremely dissatisfied. There have been three different Chiefs of Human Resources within three years. Up to now, HR development training has been separate for physicians, nurses, and administrative staff. A mandate was set forth by the Chief of Staff, under which Human Resources is accountable and answerable, to unify the HR training and development units among these three groups while maintaining their separate clinical development, of course. This effort is driven by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to streamline operating costs but also to mix the different members of the three groups for a better appreciation of job demands. Some members appreciate this mandate and say it is long overdue, yet others are adamantly against it. The extremely high-stress levels to do more with less not only affects the administrative staff, (i.e., those who are not considered clinical staff) but also the physicians and nursing staff.

Knowing what you now know from all the topics covered in this course, what would you do to raise employee engagement scores for next years survey?


The level of analysis you choose to first intervene: individual, group, organization.
The specific social psychology aspects that can be leveraged to make an impact.

A plan/process of intervention using the concepts discussed in this class.
Clear steps of your plan and how each step will impact various levels in the organization, and what you hypothesize the result of each action to be.
Who will be responsible for implementing each step?
Logic and research support for your recommendations.
Limitations or challenges of your intervention plan.
You do not have to integrate all the topics/concepts covered in the class, however, incorporate what fits together according to your plan thinking about all downstream impacts.

You must defend your choices with evidence from the literature to support your plan. You may use any of the resources in the course, but you must also use at least three OTHER resources you find with your own research. You must have at least 6 different resources from which you are citing and referencing. Of course, you may use more. At least 4 of the resources must be peer-reviewed academic resources. The others may be from the internet pages or popular literature. Therefore, of at least six resources, three may be from the class.

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