Organizational Behaviour – Big 5

Organizational Behaviour – Big 5

Big 5 personality traits (OCEAN)

Everything about this assignment in

assignment requirements Big five  attachment.

You will do this assignment based on my truity big five (OCEAN) results.

No plagraism at all and turnitin score is most important thing for this assignment.

You have 72 hours to complete this assignment. Time is really important otherwise it will be garbage for us.

This assignment should be APA format.

The assignment should be minimum 2000 words maximum 2500 words


I worked as real estate agent in Turkey and Greek islands. I sold apartments to my European customers in Aegean sea in last two years.



For this assignment, please use the Big 5 personality scale in the link below and you will get

specific % on each dimension of the Big 5.




1. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of your Big 5 results on each dimension and how

this may affect the way you carry out your work and task. For example, if you got 75% on

agreeableness, what is the positive and negative implication of this score when you work?



In answering this question, you can draw from your personal work experiences.


I worked as real estate agent in Turkey and Greek islands. I sold apartments to my European customers in Aegean sea in last two years.


2. Imagine now that you are promoted to a managerial role. Based on your Big 5 results,

determine what you think would be the best management style for you. There are many

different management styles and this is where research comes in.

Based on research, why do you think a particular management style you chose is the “best

fit” for your personality (based on Big 5 results)? The purpose of this question is for you to

apply your Big 5 results into a managerial setting.


3. Research 3 new perceptual errors (ie. not from

the textbook) and discuss how each of these errors can influence you in an organizational

setting. This question is also about applying the perceptual errors into a work setting.

*Don’t use these for your assignment: Recency errorsimilar to me effectprimary effect,

horns effect.



1. Format (follow the APA style)

a. Title page (include the word count)

b. Introduction (short introduction about the three questions-less than 100~200 words)

c. Section 1: Question 1

d. Section 2: Question 2

e. Section 3: Question 3

f. Conclusion (shot conclusion that summarizes your main findings- less than 100~200 words)

g. References


2. Word limit: minimum 2000 words

a. From title page to references

b. Total words from start to finish can be maximum 2500 words

c. [IMPORTANT] Include your word count on the title page



3. DO NOT directly copy the assignment questions to your assignment

a. This will increase your similarity score



4. Be sure to include proper text citations and APA style references for all sources

a. Try to type them yourself instead of using the citation builder


5. References: At least 5 (the more the better)


6. Similarity score in turnitin and plagraism are most important things for this assignment.



Tips on lowering similarity scores

1. No direct quotes from references (not even one sentence). Always paraphrase

everything and include proper citation.

a. In other words, DON’T COPY ANY QUOTES from the references.

2. Do a good job of researching so your references are not going to overlap with other

students’ assignments

a. If it only took you 30 minutes to find a particular reference, chances are very

high that previous students already used those so if you use the same reference, it

will increase your similarity score

b. Avoid searching through Google and don’t include online news articles

c. Go to the library (not just our school but also other libraries) and search for


d. Search for online journal articles from scholarly portals

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