Operational Requirements Document (ORD)

Select a system of your choice (e.g., aircraft, automobile, Web site, or the service of a bank or restaurant business), and do the following in 35 pages:

Develop the operational requirements document (ORD) for that system.
Based on the operational requirements, develop the maintenance concept for the system.
Construct the necessary top-level operational and maintenance flows.
Identify repair policies.
Apply quantitative effectiveness factors as appropriate.
As described in the text, effectiveness factors are system requirements that are specified as figures-of-merit (FOMs), such as the following (Blanchard & Fabrycky, 2006):

Cost or system effectiveness
Operational availability
Readiness rate
Logistic support effectiveness
Mean time between maintenance (MTBM)
Failure rate
Maintenance downtime
Facility utilization (in percent)
Operator skill levels
Given the functions that the system you have chosen will perform, how effective or efficient is it? How are these factors related to the mission scenarios?

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