Observation Report


For this assignment, you will report and analyze the results of your observation with the intent of developing a deeper understanding of your community of study. The report should include:

  • a background section that presents a research question, summarizes your observation questions (what you wanted to find out from the observation), states your hypothesis (what you thought youd find out from your observation), describes your population, and describes your role among the group (participant/non-participant observer)
  • a methods section that details your observation process, including note-taking techniques, where and when you conducted the observation, and thick description of the observation site and participants
  • a results section ordered by significance and reported by theme or topic that tells readers what you discovered from your research by describing and interpreting findings
  • a conclusion section that tells readers what your observation results reveal about your topic, how they help to answer your research question, and why they are meaningful; you may also mention any researcher or participant biases, research design flaws, oversights/missed opportunities, and/or directions for future research.

–Not a traditional research essay.

–Presenting data (quantitative and qualitative) from your own personal observation of the community you’ve chosen.

You can use “I” to tell a story (First, I walked in the door . . . . ).

The book gives two examples: one a chronological narrative, the other included a dataset, followed by personal experience and reflection.

4 to 6 pages, not including visuals nor an optional cover page

Include at least 4 visual elements, with APA style citation. The illustration must provide information.



Include more than the required visual elements; digitally make or alter the majority of them yourself.

Includes secondary research with Reference List.

Format the report as a graphically designed, colorful publication.

**The community is: Saudi Students in the U.S**


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