Negotiation Plan

A hospital in a rural town of 50,000 people was experiencing problems leading to multiple conflicts. The hospital provides a wide range of services to include primary, secondary and community health services. The facility has a staff of more than 800 people (varied professional, support and administrative employees.) The staff is under pressure to deliver a broad range of complex services under difficult conditions.  Employees are having difficulty managing their own frustrations at work, and didnt recognize the early warning signs of emerging conflict.  As the HR manager, you have been asked to devise a negotiation plan to address the top concern that could cause the staff to rise up in a revolt (you decide).  Under item 1, provide the rationale for why you chose this as the top concern. You will have to make inferences based on your own experiences and research as you fill out the template.

Staff are upset that they are working with broken equipment.  They have been asking for new equipment in all clinical departments for over 3 years now.

The staff and healthcare professionals  are upset that they haven’t had a raise in over 2 years.  They see the other hospitals in neighboring cities offering at least 1 or 2% to their staff.

Staff and healthcare professionals are upset over the lack of training opportunities. How can they advance if they don’t get new skills?

On that same line, the staff are upset that there is no upward advancement.  If they want to move up, they have to consider leaving and going to the city.

Staff are working with outdated technology.  They have been asking for about a year and a half for an integrated system. As it is right now they are working with several computer programs to get one report done.

Staff feel that based on their complaints that management doesn’t care about them and they are getting fed up. They have made good suggestions for improvements that have been totally ignored.

You have to remember that we are constrained by revenue and various regulations/rules.  That your job is to make sure that the organization comes out on top while appeasing the staff.  Keep that in mind as you work through this activity that you will have to conduct outside research.  Make sure to include a reference page at the end.

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