MLA Format Reaction

I started on this paper based off of an article. I would say its an comparative thesis. I put the article below and will attach my thesis. Please no plagiarism and include all sources used. Paper doesn’t have to exceed 2 pages atleast be a page and a half . Here’s the artlicle :

1. No 2nd person pronouns (you) are used anywhere in the essay, except possibly in quotes from the reading.

2. The hook is creative and interesting

3. The introduction includes the author’s full name and the title of the article in quotation marks.

4. The thesis includes 3 points and is at the end of the intro.

5. Each body paragraph begins with a transitions word and a topic sentence.

6. Each body paragraph includes a quotes from the article with a signal phrase.

7. The original explanations in each body paragraph are clear and strong.

8. The conclusion restates the full name of the author and title of the article.

9. The conclusion restates the three points from the thesis.

10. The essay is free of grammar errors.

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