Mini Paper 2

Mini Paper 2

For the Mini Paper 2 assignment, choose an article from a peer-reviewed journal (i.e. Health Affairs, BMJ, JAMA, etc.) on a topic related to either culture of quality and patient safety, improvement of quality in healthcare or patient safety and medical errors.  Refer to chapters 6, 8, and 9 in the textbook for more details on these topics.  Select a journal article from 2013 – current. There is two sections to this mini paper.   The paper must follow the written assignment guidelines as outlined in the syllabus.

Section I – Background (50 points): Write a brief summary of the article, listing of the major themes/perspectives, and history of the problem. Be sure to highlight the major points of the article. What were the major issues/challenges discussed in the article? Be sure to include the article name and the journal it came from.

Section II – Application (50 points): Describe your thoughts/opinions regarding the article. Do you agree or disagree with the author? What did you learn? How do you plan to apply what you learned from the article in your career?

Paper guidelines:

  1. Have a cover page with the individual’s name, title of assignment, and due date of assignment
  2. Typed, using 12 point font, Times New Roman
  3. Double spaced with 1” margins all around
  4. Page numbers in the top right corner of all pages except cover page.
  5. Use an APA format for citations and references. Make sure you give proper credit to the sources you are using. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
  6. Have a list of references in correct format at the end of the paper
  7. Be error free – make sure you do a spell-check/grammar-check before submitting!
  8. This is a QUALITY course; therefore, I expect QUALITY work!
  9. Between 1-2 pages

Failure to follow these directions (listed in #1-5) will result in an automatic 10 percentage point deduction from the assignment’s total point value.

If your Turnitin score is above a 35%, it will result in an automatic 40-point deduction to your final score. Additionally, the professor will review your Turnitin originality report and if warranted, may require student to re-do their entire paper or specific sections of it.

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