Medieval artifact/art

  1. Select a medieval military technological artifact from a museum catalog (an ex. that is broadly defined or artwork which depicts
    medieval military technology: this, for example, can be a castle, chainmail, any weapon from the period.
  2. Describe what the item is, both in general and specific terms, stating its provenance — who made it,
    when and where (if known) — and where it resides today.
  3. Describe its use, both generally and specifically.
  4. if there is a mystery in its provenance or use, either determined by scholarship or by yourself, reveal it to the reader. Do you think there is a solution to the mystery, and if so speculate on what that might be?
  5. Make certain to include a picture (or several pictures) and/or an internet reference so that the artifact or
    artwork can be seen.

Sample Solution

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