medical case study

A 72 year old man presents to his general practice with abdominal cramps and loose stools for 1 week.  He recently had a fall and sustained a laceration.  This became infected and was treated.
How would he initially be assessed? (5)
What are the potential causes? (10)
If it was due to a suspected infective cause what potential management options would be employed? (10)

The instructions:
1500 words
This question should be answered in essay form engaging with the literature to back up statements and evidence given
3-5 sentences to introduce the scenario and the assignment

Firstly deal with any acute symptoms
Patients hydration state
Disease pathology
Then conduct your differential diagnosis
From reading the literature identify 4-5 possible diagnosis
Discuss each one and the tests that you might do etc
Discuss infective cause and management
Conclusion summarise no new information

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