Master Level Final Assessment Marketing,


  • Use relevant global marketing and ethical theories, frameworks and concepts from the module to analyse the sector within which the organization operates and the marketing challenges and opportunities it faces both now and in the future.
  • Building on the formative, develop a consultancy report as if for presentation to the Board of your chosen organization. The report needs to cover, amongst other things:
    • Introduction to the organisation, including, for example, the sector and countries within which it operates. Identification of the organisations core capabilities/strengths.
    • Analysis of the global environment of the business using selected theories from this and previous modules (eg market audit)
    • Identification of key threats and opportunities within that environment
    • Analysis of the organisations current marketing activity and ethical stance, using theories and concepts from the module (eg IMC theory, stakeholder-led approaches and so on). This should include details of its marketing approach and an analysis of whether this could be improved to capitalize on the threats and opportunities you have identified.
    • This should include your assessment as to what extent is the company is capitalizing on the available market opportunities, your argument as to whether its marketing strategy is global/local or otherwise, and your judgement on how it is performing in terms of ethical considerations.
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