Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room

Title:      Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room

Author:  Feld, Barry C

Publisher: New York University Press

Copyright Date:  2013, 247 pages



I would like for each of you to use the following headings in your critique/reviews.
Author Credibility:  In this section tell the reader what specifically makes this author(s) credible.  Do not simply tell me the author was a police officer for 25 years. This fact alone does not make one credible. If you do not feel the author is credible or you are unable to evaluate the credibility of the author, tell this to the reader.
Methodology:  Identify the data used by the author. What type of research is this, ethnography, case study, simple descriptive stats, qualitative or quantitative, or some other methodology.  Can this research be replicated by others? Is this research methodology scientific in nature? If you are unsure what “scientific Research is, then please review a stats or research methods book.
Book Summary:  A general summary of the book content.
Who Should Read: Who specifically should read this book and why? Is this book of any use to rank and file police officers. Is it of any use to anyone in the CJ system? If yes who and why/how. If it is of no use to the CJ field, tell this to the reader of your review/critique. If not CJ professionals, who may benefit from reading this book.  Do not tell me “everyone” working in the CJ field should read this book.
Strengths:  What specific strengths were noted in this book?  Was it well written? Was it well organized.  Identify any specific strengths found in the writing of the book.
DO NOT combine Strengths and Weaknesses
Weaknesses: What if any weaknesses did you note? Was the book poorly researched?  Was it poorly written or poorly organized.  Did the author use the wrong methodology.
Adds to the body of CJ Lit:  What does this book give us?  Is there anything new?  Is it just a rewrite of the same old info that can be found in any number of other books?  How does it add to the existing body of CJ lit.?
Publication Date: If the book is over 10 years old, please address this in your critique. How is this material relevant today?
Each review should contain each of the individual headings and address them as best as you can.  Do not merge Strengths and Weaknesses under one heading. I want these broke out under their own heading.

4 pages should not include title page or reference page the professor wants us to pick apart the book and critique the book. 

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