Norman Jewison (1973) film Jesus Christ Superstar illustrates the view that people have on Biblical concepts, especially the last days of Jesus Christ. The movie has music, which is composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on the modern-day rock and roll elements. Webber uses music as a way of telling people about the stories in the Bible. Different forms of music are used, which include rock, folk, hymns, and classical elements that make the movie famous. The film involves the use of rock and roll fashion in the musical content, which helps in telling the stories of the Bible that include that of Jesus. The element of presenting the music makes modern society associate with the stories and learn a lot about the Bible. The used musical items relate to the current culture, and the involved characters are narcissistic. Rock music is utilized by Webber to criticize the wrongs committed by the people during the time of Jesus and encourage them to get out of the darkness and seek lightness. 

          Rock and roll element has gained root in religious music where it provides relatable stories to what exists in the Bible. The narrative involves different configurations of interracial intimacy that highlights ethical issues in society. The characterization of Judas, Mary, and Jesus helps in identifying the level of privacy in the film. Webber has used a different musical perspective to illustrate Biblical stories. Hence, the narrative has the rock and roll fashion of music, which is attractive to the current social-cultural dynamics in the music industry. 

The project idea takes the form of a written paper, which explores the issue of rock and roll as it is evidenced in the Jesus Christ Superstar film. The research will entail examining the different elements of the rock and roll music, which are utilized by Webber to illustrate the various teachings, which are contained in the Bible. Such involves the examination of the characters of the narrative and how they are associated with the aspect of musical elements. Hence, the findings from this study will provide a clear picture of the nature and state of rock and roll musical features that are used in religious worship. Moreover, the inferences from the research will help in knowing whether this form of music is permissible in the current society of revolutionized Christianity. 

The project makes sense since there is a great utilization of the fashion of rock and roll in the modern Christian worship in churches. Therefore, the research will help in understanding the motivating factor towards the adoption of these forms of prayer and the type of music. Such includes knowing how composers of the rock and roll music consider the Biblical elements when composing the music. Past learning of this music is that it is created to attract the current generation, which has highly focused on secular elements and fashion of rock and roll. Therefore, the musical aims at providing value and desire to this population to listen and get the word of God. 

The intended audience for this research is the mainstream and protestant churches, which are embracing rock and roll music fashion in their way of worship. Further, the project targets community members involved in instilling ethical and moral behaviors and upholding norms in society. As such, the aim is to provide new insight as to the way the society is changing as it is engaging in the world of rock and roll music, which is highly manifested in churches. The audience is the right choice because it is highly attached to the aspect of rock and roll music, which influences their way of life and worship.

The project will be presented in the form of a presentation that involves screencast. A survey questionnaire will be formulated and then shared through different social media outlets to reach the intended target population. Participants will be selected using a random selection technique. These individuals will fill the survey that is shared through social media and send back for data analysis. Thematic and discrete statistical analysis of the results from the survey will be conducted. The findings will then be presented in tabular and other graphical forms, which will help in identifying the relationships that exist among the study variables for this research.

The project will be completed by first formulating the research questions, which will guide in creating the survey questionnaire. Participants will then be recruited through social media platform and be send the survey to fill. Once they complete it, they will send back the templates for data analysis. The work is expected to be completed in approximately three months. 


In conclusion, Jesus Christ Superstar is a film, which is created and directed in a unique way to embrace the fashion of rock and roll in the Christian teachings. Webber has significantly selected the elements for this film to ensure that they depict the power of rock and roll elements in the modern culture. The fashion of rock and roll music is highly manifested in the current culture of Christian worship. 

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