JavaFX Application Stage/Scene Wireframe

In this assignment, you will design and create the wireframes for each of the application screens. The organization has a template application that they use for any custom GUI applications using JavaFX. Using the CapestraApp template application from the file linked in Resources, create the layouts, labels, input fields, and buttons for each of the screens based on the designs you created in Unit 1. Refer to Loading the Project (linked in Resources) to see how the template file is set up.

Assignment Instructions
Follow the SRS document and your designs to prepare the application for its first release. Only the form elements need to be added in for this assignment. The functional components do not need to be implemented, as they will be created later. You may utilize a simple layout scheme for your design. Since the login screen and employee list report screens are already created, you can use the existing code to build the designs.

Extract the application and database templates from the file.
In NetBeans, go to Open File, Open Project and locate the Capestra app folder.
Click Open Project. All of the files associated with the template will be available.
As you add in your code, include inline comments and/or block comments to explain what the variables and what they are being used for.
Create the following screens with their labels and input fields:
“Add Customer” screen.
“Place Order” screen.
Report screen for customers (only include the label and text field for the customer ID).
Submit your application in a .zip file by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of this week.

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