Introduction to Job Satisfaction

Find a free and copyright free (public domain) instrument that measures an attitude that could be used in a research project, for selection and or training and development. (this application does not require the typical minimum standards the real work involved will be finding an instrument that is in the public domain, or that allows for free use for research (noncommercial) purposes.This will take you quite a bit of time as there are not a whole lot of them out there.  No 2 students can use the same instrument so as soon as you find it post it. 

Provide the following information regarding the instrument you have found:
Website link
Copy of the instrument itself
Instructions for scoring
Norms (if available)
Validity and reliability information
Author of instrument (if available)
Citation for the paper / presentation in which the instrument was published
2 or 3 paragraphs describing the utility of the instrument from the perspective of an IO psychologist.

Application Assignments
Includes an APA formatted title page
Includes an APA formatted abstract
Minimum of 3 pages of content in APA style (body of the paper only)
Includes at least 3 outside sources (journal articles)and the required reading Includes an APA formatted reference page

Require reading is charpter 1-3 of the textbook (lecture is in the power point attached)

Spector, P.E. (1997).  Job satisfaction: Application, assessment, causes, and consequences.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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