Introduction, Share Thoughts, and Make a Plan

Week 1 Forum: Introduction, Share Thoughts, and Make a Plan

We are so glad you are here! Students often ask, “Why are forums required?” It is an easy answer. Forums are the best way we have to replicate conversations among students in a brick and mortar classroom. It is a way to engage with your fellow classmates and your instructor. It is a way to share your perspective and insights and learn from the perspectives of others. We encourage you to open yourself to the forum experience and challenge you to expand your knowledge. Keep in mind that getting an education and earning a degree are processes, not events. We hope you will take a lot of knowledge from the forums.

Take a moment to introduce yourself to our group and answer the additional required questions in Forum 1: Introduce yourself, share your thoughts, and make a plan. Remember to review all instructions and follow all directions before submitting your posting.

Be sure to answer both prompts below:

1. Introduce yourself: Keeping digital hygiene in mind, please introduce yourself in a professional manner to the class and to me. What are your educational goals? Please also share something you consider interesting about yourself. What do you think will be the most challenging thing for you as an online student? How will you overcome that challenge? What do you hope to gain from this class? Just for fun, you might also add an image or hashtag that represents who you are and where you are in the educational process.

2. Share your thoughts about how we create an online community. What key elements do you think supports our ability to build an effective learning community? Share your ideas, perspectives and thoughts. How can we use this platform to evolve as learners?

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