Industrial Revolution impact on child labor laws

Watch one or more of the videos talking about Child Labor during the Industrial Revolution to gain a better insight of what took place for children during this time era.

Type a two-three page, double spaced paper explaining how the Industrial Revolution impacted child labor laws. You can watch the brief video provided for you and also use additional Internet resources of your choice to help explain how the Industrial Revolution impacted Child Labor Laws. The following questions might get you thinking: (1) when did child labor begin? (2) why was it an advantage for factory owners to use child labor? (3) how was child labor unsafe for children (4) how did child labor change traditional family structures? (5) when was child labor made illegal & where (6) is child labor illegal everywhere in the world today?

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Jackson, N. what’s more, Jackson, N. (2018). The job of extracurricular exercises in an understudy’s advancement – The Educator Blog. [online] The Educator Blog. Accessible at: extracurricular-exercises understudies advancement/[Accessed 10 Jan. 2018]. (2018). Why Extracurricular Activities Are So Important | Mountain Heights. [online] Available at: are-so-significant/[Accessed 10 Jan. 2018].

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