Individual Case: Boeing

1. Minimum of 5 pages, double spacedall papers need to be stapled                                                                   
2. I am looking for a thorough analysis of the business case that covers the following topics:

1.Case History: Look for critical incidents in company growth and determine why they are important.                                                       
2.Strengths and Weaknesses: Identify the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, and how they relate to the company’s value function.                                       
3.Opportunities and Threats: Identify the opportunities and threats that exist in the company’s environment and analyze them using the Competitive Forces Model and life-cycle model.                       
4.Corporate-Level Strategy: Identify the company’s mission and goals and evaluate the company’s corporate strategy based on lines of business, subsidiaries, and acquisitions.                           
5.Business-Level Strategy: Determine if the company is using a differentiation, focus, or low-cost strategy, and what the company’s investment strategy is. Decide if company’s functional competencies are sufficient for achieving SWOT strategy.
6.Global and/or Innovation Strategy: Complete analysis of current strategies in globalization and innovation, with well-supported suggestions for improving strategies in both areas.                       
7.Structure and Control Systems: Identify company’s structure and control system and specify how they match or don’t match the company’s strategy.                                   
8.Social Responsibility and Ethics: Draw relationships between ethical issues and the companys social responsibility strategy. Make recommendations for changes to the strategy, using key facts from the case.            
9.Financial Analysis: Analyze company’s financial position based on profit, liquidity, activity, leverage, shareholder-return ratios, and cash flow. Make recommendations for improving the company’s financial position.           
10.Recommendations: Offer recommendations for improving the company’s strategy and competitive position wh

4. Answer the written questions for each case

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