Individual Case Analysis

Choose ONE of the following two companies:

Red robin OR Hasbro   

Analyze your chosen company through the lens of Blue Ocean frameworks (ERRC, Value/Innovation, Tiers of non-customers) – Chapters 1-7.

Give 3# specific recommendations to the CEO for the next steps. Support your recommendations with data and insights from trusted sources. Cite your sources. Please be crystal clear specific and detailed. Your recommendations can also include ERRC/ Blue Ocean concepts.

At your discretion can you apply insights from EuroMonitor/ IBISWorld / PitchBook and WSJ to support and strengthen your analysis and recommendations? Of course, elements of a SWOT analysis may be appropriate here as well. Be crystal clear in your source annotations.

Connect the RED threads of: Company and Industry details, Blue Ocean and EuroMonitor/ IBISWorld / PitchBook

Your recommendation should be 3 pages single-space of narrative in a Microsoft Word Document ONLY, and a supporting Microsoft Excel sheet – which has Data ONLY.

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