Impact of Strategic Planning In Crisis Management

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Assessment for this module is 3,500 words in length and consists of two parts. Part 1 (approx. 2,500 words in length) will focus on a specific change or strategic issue in the students professional context. It will enable the student to demonstrate a critical understanding of diverse theoretical approaches to strategic leadership or organisational dynamics. Part 2 (approx.1,000 words) will apply this understanding to developing a plan or strategy for organisational change.

The description of the specific change or strategic issue in part 1 must not exceed 250 words.

The assignment should:
    Demonstrate a critical understanding of a particular issue related the students professional context, its implications for the educational organisation and its link to theory;
    Critically evaluate and reflect upon the complex nature of strategic leadership and organisational dynamics;
    Demonstrate the ability to initiate proposals for change and development in professional practice based on original ideas;
    Demonstrate appropriate academic writing style and study skills for postgraduate level.

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