I Need A Persuasive Outline With Speech

Please submit your full sentence persuasive outline  by attaching it here.  Make sure to include three full pages, APA citations in text and reference page, Times New Roman font, 12 point size, proper grammar, indentation, sentence structure, punctuation and more.  

Students will perform a persuasive speech from 3-4 minutes using a webpage as a visual aid.  The requirements are mostly the same as the informative speech.     

You will create a free website using wix.com or any other tool as a visual aid for your speech.  Your webpage will be your visual aid for your presentation.  Use the Sample Outline took as a Guide.  Use the Reference Page and In Text Examples as Guides also. 

Speech Grading Criteria:  

APA citations:

DO: 1 inch margins. Put your name in the top left hand area of the page.

DO NOT: Create an abstract, title your speech assignment, use a running header, use footnotes, use pictures in the paper, use graphs in the paper or use bullet points.

Oral Style:  You want to write your speech in a way so that when you say it out loud, it fits the norms of speaking constructs.  You do not want it to sounds like a written paper.  Thus, write the paper using the first person format.  Include hellos or introductions if you like.  Include references to your own personal movement, visual aids, etc. Example: Here you see how the cost of living in our metropolitan area has increased over time.

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