HR Related Question


DISCUSSION QUESTION #1 (3 total points):

Which of the 8 NACE Career Readiness Competencies do you feel will be most challenging to get experience with as an undergraduate and why? Please explain your answer.

You will be graded based on making 1 initial post with your answer to the question, and also responding to at least 2 posts from classmates.

Your posts should be at least 3 sentences and provide a well-thought out commentary/explanation.

DISCUSSION QUESTION #2 (3 total points):

Please list one of the bullet point statements from your resume as an initial post.

Also, please post a response to one of your classmates bullet point statements that offers a suggestion about how she/he can improve the bullet point. Explain the reason behind the suggestion. Use this week’s lesson to learn how to develop strong bullet point and accomplishment statements.

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