Read about the minority groups discussed in pages 342-348 of your text (Quadagno). Preferably, select one of the racial minorities discussed in your text, but you may select any racial, ethnic, or other minority group of your choosing on which to report.  Cite sources of information that you have used for your report. Become somewhat of an expert on that minority group. Write a paper of just 1-2 pages and address the following:
1.    Share evidence of discriminatory practices directed toward that minority in general. (Try to carefully differentiate between truly discriminatory practices and consequences of discrimination.  For example, “separate but equal” schooling is a discriminatory practice. Schools in poor neighborhoods where students may be less motivated may result in substandard education which is a result of the discriminatory practice.)
2.    Describe the impact of the discriminatory practice toward the minority group in general on older adults of that minority.  For example, older adult members of the Black minority generally were afforded a lower standard of education.  Often, that resulted in poorer paying jobs, substandard housing, less retirement income, etc.
3.    What are your recommendations for improving conditions for the minority that you discuss?

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