Gernet on a Chinese City


Note that this is not Intellectual Scavenger Hunts.

Part I – The Preparation:


  • View my lecture Frontiers in Motion, and read
  • Jacques Gernet, Daily Life in China: On the Eve of the Mongol Invasion (Stanford University Press, 1962); pp. 13-112.

Part II – The Discussion:

Write a 250-500 word essay that includes:

A. Gernet discusses many aspects of life in a Chinese city in the 12th-13th century. Give an example of one aspect that you found most interesting: e.g. interaction between different social classes, role of women, fire control.

B. How does this reading relate to the theme of ‘Frontiers in Motion’?

At the top of your essay include: Your Name, Course Info, Date

Include in-text citations and a bibliography for all materials used.

Sample Solution

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