Four eyes assessment in hosptal units to prevent pressure ulcers on patients

What prompted hospitals units to have two nurses to assess a new admitted patient as a new practice to prevent pressure ulcers? Has this changed being effective?

Above is two question to be addressed in the writting, and I needed to choose an article and also reflect upon it. I choose one specific with the following topic:

“Pressure injury prevention for paediatric
cardiac surgical patients using a nurse-driven
standardized clinical assessment and
management plan”

I am sending the article attached and from it I will need you to: Briefly describe the focus of the research and the outcome(s) of the research.
Describe how the research outcomes will influence nursing care.

Observation: I need the references to be APA. I send more articles and webs for further reference on the topic I need to talk about, but please remember to reflect on one research to answer question above.


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