For this assignment you will compose an essay using photographs and written text to analyze surveillance in modern society.

Where and how do you see evidence of the surveillance society? How does this impact your life directly? What is sacrificed and what is gained? Consider surveillance broadly, including not only cameras, but also ordinary drones, social media, data storage, search engine cookies, automatic license plate readers, GPS, etc. Your objective here is to make an argument about whether our understanding of society is changing in light of this new surveillance technology. Or, you can also write about the role of empathy in an increasingly camera-driven society. 

Plus 4-6 photographs(2 from the text). You will also have to use Photographs in your essay. You may take your own photographs or use photographs from another source. Each photograph should be captioned, and all photographs and sources must be cited. You must incorporate your pictures throughout your essay (consider the order in which Van Houtryve has arranged his photographs, consider how order can influence your rhetoric). Be sure to respond to the photographs in your essay, identifying their source, explaining what they depict and why they are important or interesting.

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