Final Research Paper

Final Research Paper

Final Paper 

Must Be 15 or more pages for research paper.

Submit your topic with a paragraph describing your approach(Separate page)

Submit an outline of your paper (including your references).  (Separate page)

Final Paper

**Final Research Topic
Select a Leadership Model from our Leadership, Theory, Application, and Skill Development textbook. Select a contemporary leader (one who was born after 1950). Write a research paper describing the leadership model using your contemporary leader to illustrate the model.

Before submitting your Research Paper, please be sure that it meets the following guidelines:

* Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. (Please use 12-point font.)

* Your paper should have a clear and focused purpose and strong supporting paragraphs that use plenty of details to develop and prove your thesis. Please remember that the strength and clarity of your thesis statement and supporting paragraphs are in part a function of the proper use of grammar, the proper spelling of words, and the appropriate use of punctuation.

* Please incorporate a minimum of 10 sources, using APA Style documentation style. Purdue University’s online style guide provides a good online resource for understanding Chicago Style documentation.

* Please give your paper a title page, abstract, and reference page.

What makes a credible source?  Review the info on how to evaluate an internet article.

Text Book Reference
Kouzes, J. & Posner, B. (2012). The leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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