Federal Budget

GOVT 2305 (Spring 2020)
Assignment #3:  Federalism Lesson with Federal Budget Exercise
15 pts

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this assignment is for each student to recognize a major aspect of how Federalism is implemented in the U.S. by reviewing the federal budget and identifying the authority the federal government refers to when justifying their involvement in various civic affairs. 

TOPIC:  Federal Budget Simulator

INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW:  Each student is to update the Federal Budget using the simulator linked below, and submit the Constitutional justification for each line item and rationale for changes.    See detailed instruction below. 

Student Instructions: 

1.    Use the following website to construct a Federal Budget:  http://usa.v1.abalancingact.com/

2.    Capture (e.g. copy and paste) results after clicking the “Submit” button on the website, into a text document (e.g. Microsoft Word).  Ensure to include the following information at the top of the document:  name, course info and semester, assignment title and date.

3.    Next, identify the specific article, section, and clause from the U.S. Constitution that authorizes the U.S. Congress to get involved in that area (do this for each line item in the budget, including the revenue sources). 
a.    Identify the article, section, and clause from the U.S. Constitution for each major budget area, even if you did not change anything.
b.    Additionally, explain the Constitutional rationale for each line item in the budget that you specifically changed.  Also, include a short personal rationale for changing that item. 
c.    If you can’t find a Constitutional reference, then simply state, “No reference found.”  NOTE:  Points may be deducted for not finding references that are clear and obvious. 

4.    Submit (upload) a MS Word document file to the Canvas assignment before the due date/time.  Use the following file naming convention: 
LASTNAME_FIRST_GOVT230X-SECTION#_SEMESTERYEAR_ASSIGNMENT-#.DOCX (Example:  Smith_John_GOVT2305-101_Spring2020_Assignment-X.docx).

Student Learning Outcome(s) supported:  LO-2,3 (from syllabus).

Grading Rubric:
    Fully accomplish federal budget simulator:  5 pts. 
    Identify Constitutional reference for each major budget area:  5 pts
    Provide a rationale for each specific line item changed by referencing a specific enumerated power or implied power (i.e.  Constitutions article, section, and clause):  5 pts. 

Interactive Budget Simulator Puts Focus on Rising Deficits and Political Priorities: https://bipartisanpolicy.org/press-release/interactive-budget-simulator/, http://usa.v1.abalancingact.com/

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