faith integration paper med-surg 2

Guidelines for Faith Integration Paper: This paper will be written in APA format, 2-4 pages excluding the Title page and Reference page. No page limit.

Here are questions to help you address engaging faith or spirituality while caring for your patients. Required components of paper will address the following: *tip use the bold words as headings for your paper*

Based on your personal experience, how did you engage the spiritual/faith belief(s) of your terminally ill, very ill or any of your patient(s)?
How did you engage your faith in the care of a dying patient(s)? If no actual care provided how would you theoretically care for a dying patient.
Define futile care and articulate your thoughts on futile care (cite your definition).
Articulate your feelings about the overall experience. Identify new insights regarding your nursing care.
Evaluate areas of strengths and areas of improvement, including an action plan for improvement.
Integrate the current beliefs and values of your faith tradition related to the concept of providing care to the sick and dying patients as a Christian (or other belief system) nurse. Include Scriptures, creeds, books, articles, and/or other resources. *Vericyte will be used for this assignment.

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