Extra Credit


In order to get the points you must turn in the assignments on or before February 7 [for articles appearing between January 13 and February 7 this year]

Your essay must be (1.) at least 550 words in length, (2.) show less than 25% in the turnitin plagiarism checking, and must address the issues below. 

The assignment consists of finding (3.) a newspaper article that appears during the dating period listed for each assignment, either in a local paper or in an on-line newspaper such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, or any other United States newspaper. NOT ONLINE WEBSITES like Yahoo, FoxNews, MSNBC or CNN. (4.) The article you choose must have some discussion of, or allusion to, a topic dealt with in this course. For this course, that means the article must deal with African Americans.  Try to vary the topic if you do more than one of these extra credit assignments.  Choose articles, for example, on constitutional issues, race, slavery, economics, African American family life, the criminal justice system, voting rights, African American music, literature, etc.

(5.) Cite the article [Title of the article, author [if given], name of the newspaper, date of publication] at the top of your paper as a heading.

(6.) Put your name above or below that. DO NOT USE REPEATING FOOTERS OR HEADERS.

(7.) You are to summarize the article and (8.) the point of view of the author.  (9.) Then indicate whether your textbook readings shed any light on the subject–use the index.  10.) Cite the page(s) in your textbook that are relevant to the subject discussed in the article.  (11.) Comment on how history is used by the author(s) to support their points of view or illustrate subject matters they deal with. (12.) The following is 7 points of your score:  what primary sources did the author of the article use to support his/her article?  Look at the second discussion assignment for assistance on this point.   (13.) Have you learned anything from the article?  DONT JUST SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLE!

In order to get these points your paper

1.) must be at least 550 words;

2.) must cover the 13 points listed above–so go over each of these before submitting your article;

3.) must have the complete citation of the article [author, title, newspaper in which it appeared, date of publication] at the top of your paper [point 5 above] with your name above or below the citation [point 6 above]

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