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Consolidation Entries and Worksheet

On January 1, 20X8, C Company acquired 90 percent of S Company’s voting stock, at underlying book value. The fair value of the noncontrolling interest was equal to 10 percent of the book value of S at that date. C uses the equity method in accounting for its ownership of S. On December 31, 20X8, the trial balances of the two companies are as follows (doc attached later)



  1. Provide      all consolidating entries required as of December 31, 20X8 to prepare      consolidated financial statements.
  2. Prepare      a three-part consolidation worksheet as of December 31, 20X8.

Use Excel formulas to make or evidence each of your calculations of all dollar amounts. Do not enter any dollar amounts directly, unless it is unavoidable for obvious reasons. Use the tab function at the bottom of the Excel file to complete the assignment. 

Prepare and submit one Excel spreadsheet for this assignment. Use the following naming convention for your file: MyNameCTA2Option1.


  • Show      calculations for all questions.
  • Support      the writing portion of the assignment (if applicable) with credible      sources.
  • Use      terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings, including professional      business language.

Chapter 3 in Advanced Financial Accounting

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Chapter 3 in Advanced Financial Accounting, PowerPoint presentation

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