Ethical Problem Identification

This question is extremely open-ended, which gives you the opportunity to express your learning with your
own style. The goal is for you to incorporate the terms/concepts explored in the TEXT (UPLOADED/ROE
2015-Chapter 4,5, 6, 7, 8 & 9) into an EVALUATION OF AN ETHICAL ISSUE from the business world. You may use a BUSINESS NEWS ARTICLE WITH ETHICAL ISSUES.
For this question, you will either 1})CREATE or 2) tell BUSINESS RELATED STORY that includes no more than 5 terms/concepts covered since the beginning of the course. The terms may come from any assigned readings/resources (TEXT UPLOADED-USE AS ONE RESOURCE).
Paper should be developed using the following criteria.
1) Grammar & clarity of writing 5 %
2) Terms/Concepts from TEXT incorporated 10 %
3) Terms/concepts from TEXT used accurately throughout 30 %
4) Ethical problem(s) clearly identified 15 %
5) Options for solving the problem are evaluated 20 %
6) A solution to the Problem(s) is presented/justified 20 %

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