ethic/ social responsibilities

500-word MAX

Consequences: find an example from the past 5 years of a business, or business executive, who was caught doing something described as unethical or socially irresponsible. Choose a situation we have NOT discussed already in class. Write an essay that includes the following: what happened; why was it unethical (or if you think it was acceptable behavior, explain); how was the situation discovered; what were the consequences for the individual and/or the organization? What do you think about the situation were the consequences appropriate?  Why or why not.
Be sure to include your sources, and show your own personal perspective, not just what you found in your research. There are many articles on TED with examples you might consider, but your paper should reflect research beyond just what Ive posted.

Tips:1. Think deeply about WHY the situation happened and How it became know.(Was there a whistleblower, a journalist, an accident,…)
2. Don’t just report the facts- tell the story with Your INSIGHTS.
3. Consider Whether the resolution is acceptable- did something change after this problem was discovered so it won’t happen again?


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