Essay 5 Don’t Buy That Jacket

Essay 5 Don’t Buy That Jacket

Please help write 4-5 pg essay on the following :

Don’t Buy  Patagonia: Don’t Buy5 must use Stead, J.G. and Stead, W.E. (2014) Sustainable Strategic Management, 2nd Edition. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe. ISBN 9780765635457 as reference using Chapter 5 specifically  to answer questions in case study. I have attached the article , sample title page and Case study questions. Essay needs to 4-5 pages in length  to fluff or fillers answering the following questions attached below. also answer question in order and ensure that that follows within the essay in APA format.  Do not forget the reference page.

Patagonia’s Sustainability Strategy: Don’t Buy Our Products (2015)

Individual Assignment Questions based on Chapter 5

1. Use Figure 5.5 (p. 139) to assess Patagonia’s hierarchy of sustainable strategic management.

2. Discuss the ways that Patagonia differentiates itself through social and environmental sustainability.

3. What distinguishes Patagonia as an embracer of sustainability (p. 147) and not a casual adopter?

4. To what extent does Patagonia have a Corporate Portfolio of SSM Competitive Strategies as shown in Figure 5.4 (Stead 149-150)?

5. In what ways, if any, does Patagonia demonstrate Whole-Pyramid Strategic Thinking as shown Figure 5.5 (Stead 163-164)?

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