essay 1: Study proposal + essay2

essay 1:
Study proposal
The following are the requirements, I have determined the title
1. TitleDigital Marketing
Direction of the research Fashion Online: evolution, trends and market insights. The social web: Web 2.0 and the growth of Social Media, Integrating online and offline customer experience
2. Reasons (reasons for being interested in the subject)
3. The overall goal of the study
4. A brief overview of the method
5. References/bibliography
Maximum 500 words (excluding research sources, bibliography and appendices)

essay 2:
Write a 300 – 400 words essay (excluding references/bibliography) on the following topic:

“How might the introduction of Blockchain support supply chain visibility in the Fashion sector”

Please note that essay one should be about 450 words, and essay 2 should be about 375 words, not counting references.

Please separate essay 1 and essay 2 in the final document submitted.

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