Environmental Forces That Have Impacts On Marketing Decisions.

examines five (5) environmental forces that have impacts on marketing decisions.  These forces are social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory forces.  

For this discussion, you are required to select two (2) of these forces and discuss how they my affect marketing strategy and operations, by following these steps: 

a. select two forces. (for example, I select “social force”)

b. Identify an example to illustrate this force. (for social force, my example would be consumer’s increasing awareness of sustainable consumption)

c. Explain how your example of the environmental force may affect marketing. (in my case, this awareness of sustainable consumption may lead to higher demand for products that promote sustainability, such as organic food or products that have sustainability claims.  As a result, companies may need to build into their strategic planning the element of sustainable process.)

Of course, your discussion need to be sufficiently detailed (more than my example) to make your point. 

Also, don’t forget, for all discussion boards, you are required to comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts. 

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