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Healthy meal delivery


Nowadays people are very busy in their working environment and no time for cooking

healthy food. For the convenience people started to buy unhealthy foods, restaurant high

calorie foods because of this people tend to gain weight which leads to health issues like,

Diabetes, Obesity, Heart diseases. The restaurant adds lots of preservatives and color to the

food which makes people helpless to follow a healthy food.


Nourished will be the best solution for the above problem, which is a healthy meal delivery

service located in Darwin, NT, Australia. We manage the complete process from

ingredient sourcing, cooking, and delivery to the customer. We also work with our

customers on a one-on-one basis to understand their requirements and help them to choose

healthy diet plan.

Unique Value Proposition

Nourished is the only unique healthy meal delivery service in Darwin. The food prepared

by our company will be fresh, gluten free and free from preservatives. Menu will be

customized according to the customer’s requirement. In addition to that we have more than

30 meals on our menu and will never be short of variety or delicious food. The customers

can have a variety of 15 meals available to each week at a rotating schedule and customers

can choose whatever combination they like.



NOURISHED Healthy meal delivery


Revenue Model

Cost Structure:

The start-up expenses will $55,000 AUD which includes:

❖ Rent expenses: $5500

❖ Website Development: $5000

❖ Sales and Marketing: $2500

❖ Kitchen equipment such as preparation tables, utensils, etc.: $22,000

❖ Staff and delivery vehicles: $15,000

❖ Purchasing fresh vegetables, fruits and meat: $5000

Customer Segments

Nourished will be perfect for anyone who want to eat healthy and tasty fresh food tailored

by their own. Our target customers mainly will be Office workers, Students, Senior



Direct: As there is no similar service available in Darwin, there is no direct competition for

our Nourished company.

Indirect: There are food delivering sites like menulogs, ubereats but does not promise to

deliver healthy meals to the customer.


The services our company offers are:

❖ High quality fresh food.

❖ The grocery time spent by people will be reduced.

❖ Affordable prices



NOURISHED Healthy meal delivery


❖ Time spent in kitchen will be decreased.

❖ Menu size are customized for group as well as individual peoples.

❖ Eating out will be lessen.

❖ Homely meals, weight loss meals (Dairy free, Keto friendly, Low Carb, Nut Free,

Vegetarian) and variety cuisine.

❖ Easy to clean up, and all meals come in throwaway containers.


Nourished is an online business where customer checks for variety of meal plans in the

website or calls to customer representative and place an order. After the order is placed

through online/ phone call, fresh food is delivered at estimated time to the customer’s

address with great care.


❖ Not delivering the product on time and delivering wrong product to the customer

impacts negatively on the business.

❖ Lack of skilled chefs, professional trainer and staff.

❖ Competition in local market.

❖ Lack of cyber protection to the website leads to reputational damage to the company.

❖ Law reputation might occur as the business is not yet established.

Source of Funding


Sponsor Amount

Bank for 5% percent $25,000 AUD



NOURISHED Healthy meal delivery


Chaitra Syamala $10,000 AUD

Yuva Atluri $10,000 AUD

Sudhamsha Tummanapally $10,000 AUD


Group Details

Chaithra Syamala: S318197

Sudhamsha Tummanapally: S321776

Yuva Atluri: S318419

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